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Logo Design Is More Complex Than You Think

Have you noticed big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Verizon all design their logo in the same way?

Their logos are always simple and rarely use more than 2 colors.

Why is this?

Because human beings are too overwhelmed to remember complicated logos!

This is simply one of the main reasons a logo should be simple and clean.

For example, if you sell foods for the Vegan community, you will want a logo that is very simple like a big green leaf, or a large carrot.

It would be too complicated to go any further than that.

Sure...  We can get crazy and put a 10 varies of foods in a logo but guess what will happen.

When you shrink that logo down to fit on a webpage or business card, you will not be able to make our what it is.

This is a great way to hurt your brand.


But, why is a logo so important?

A logo, especially a great logo, can actually trigger the minds of people that are very detail oriented.

Some people see patterns better than others and they will associate your logo with the quality of your business.  These people do this subconsciously and are often very successful individuals.

If your logo is simular to the bigger brands that they've used in the past, like Apple, then they will unknowning associate the same quality with your brand.

You're building their trust without even knowing it!

God is in the details!  Screw the devil.

If your logo have a maximum of 2 colors and is simple and easy to remember then you are on a good track.

Logos should always be designed around the theme you set for your company.  You need to have at least 2 colors you use all the time!

For example, McDonalds logo is red and yellow.  Their walls are red, the chairs are yellow, etc.

Learn from and mimic the big boys!

We hate reinventing the wheel.  Sure we can be creative but there is a foundation of rules you should follow befoew making your logo your brand.

We treat logos like tattoos.  We want to keep them for a lifetime!

Here are few of our simple steps that we can use to improve your logo:


  • Use 2 colors maximum
  • Save the logo as a vector file (.svg)
  • Avoid using fine detail. (Logos are not fine art!)

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A logo should be simple, clean, and easy to understand.  Too many logos are complicated and hurt building a brand.

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